Secrets to conquering wrong behaviour and bad decisions

200-Present in Mind Course

You cannot grow as a person if you cannot see yourself accurately. Imagine trying to renovate a house in the dark. You would soon give up or mess it up along the way. The purpose of the Present Moment Awareness course is to help you know yourself.  Each of us has aspects of our selves that are hidden from us. These include our conflicting motives – those that we reveal publicly and those that we keep secret. Even more of an obstacle are those that are hidden even from our own conscious mind. We are creatures of habit who repeat old behaviours whether they serve us or not. From a Christian point of view, we are poor servants of the Lord.  God is the potter but our clay has solidified and we do not let Him shape us. This course has the goal of opening us up the Holy Spirit by becoming aware of the many ways we shut God out in order to protect ourselves from our fears.

There are seven modules to the Present Moment Awareness Course plus a free introductory module. Each module contains between 4 and 5 units of learning for a total of 37 units.  Each unit takes about 30 to 45 minutes to view, read and apply. You are encouraged to spend at least one week applying each unit before moving on to the next one. Thus, you can expect to spend about 37 weeks or nine months to complete this entire course.   You must study the modules in order as each is a prerequisite for the next course. However, you can study the units within each module in any order that you wish.

Coaching clients of Kuypers Leadership may be given direct access to any one unit at any time if relevant to the situation on which they are being coached.

These are the seven modules that comprise the full 200 series course, Present Moment Awareness. Click on any one of them for a complete description and outline of the 4-5 units within each one:

Module 201 – Listen to Your Body

Module 202 – Change Your Beliefs

Module 203 – Be Authentic

Module 204 – Risk Disapproval

Module 205 – Let Go of Outcomes

Module 206 – Feel Your Feelings

Module 207 – Practicing Present Moment Awareness

In the free introductory module, there are four units of study. These are designed to help you understand what the present moment is – the only time in which anything real can be said or done. Everything else is a thought – for example, a regret about the past or a fret about the future.

Unit 200A:  Fuel for the Journey – you have been present many times before!

Unit 200B:  The Rewards – they are huge if you are paying attention

Unit 200C:  What is the Present?  – grasping what it means so you can recognize yourself in it

Unit 200D:  The Yellow Brick Road – what does the path to present moment awareness look like?