Secrets to conquering wrong behaviour and bad decisions

203-Be Authentic

In this module, you learn the next most powerful way to become self-aware – by being authentic. We all learn, through the process of socialization as children, to hide what we really think and feel.  Through sometimes painful personal experiences, we are careful about whom we feel safe enough to be fully honest. Unfortunately, this becomes a life-long habit to the point where we don’t even know our OWN truth! We tell ourselves lies by rationalizing and justifying ourselves. Being authentic is the antidote to self-deception. It is a powerful means of building self-confidence because it means you are choosing to put YOU ahead of what others might think of you.

Unit 203A:  The Danger Zone

Unit 203B:  Three Types of Thinking

Unit 203C:  Three Ways to Be Authentic

Unit 203D:  The Best Confidence Builder

Unit 204E:  No More Façades