Secrets to conquering wrong behaviour and bad decisions

205-Let Go of Outcomes

Module 205 of the Aware Mind course tackles another major barrier to self-awareness – your attachment to outcomes that matter to you.  It is outcomes that give other people leverage over you. Their loss triggers deep fears within you and will cause you to betray yourself in order to protect what you cherish.  Jesus taught us to let go of all things and trust completely in him. This does not mean actually losing what you cherish. It means being willing to lose them. This modules helps you become aware of the mental dynamics that cause us to betray ourselves and our obedience in Christ when someone threatens outcomes we want.

Unit 205A:  The Mythical Third Choice

Unit 205B:  Hitting a Brick Wall

Unit 205C:  Expectations

Unit 205D:  Four Ways to Let Go

Unit 205E:  Who is in control?