Secrets to conquering wrong behaviour and bad decisions

206-Feel Your Feelings

Module 206 offers tools and techniques on how to connect to your feelings without numbing out nor exploding. Feelings are powerful. Your emotions serve as warning signs for danger as well as for pleasure. Feelings can be brutally intense. The fear of what you might do if you act on your feelings is often a person’s biggest barrier to unlocking their personal character.  No one can discern the promptings of the Holy Spirit without being fully in touch with their feelings. Jesus often displayed this in his ministry, grieving at the death of Lazarus and feeling compassion for those begging for his healing and mercy.  This module introduces this topic. Course 300 takes it to a whole new level.

Unit 206A:  Grieve Your Losses

Unit 206B:  A Coiled Spring

Unit 206C:  Own Your Feelings

Unit 206D:  Protector and Inner Child

Unit 206E:  Common Escapes (Numbing Out)