Secrets to conquering wrong behaviour and bad decisions

300-Compassionate Heart Course

The 300 series Compassionate Heart Course covers Stage 2 of the three stages to first getting neutral about outcomes so that you can see clearly what God wants you to do. This is a course about healing, mercy and forgiveness.  Many people resist this stage on their Christian walk because it requires being vulnerable. But is that not what Jesus did by his life and in death? Indeed it is.  In this course you learn the specific ways in which you hold judgments that harden your heart, creating walls between loved ones and shutting both love and the Holy Spirit OUT of your life.

There are five modules in this course. They are all based on the book The Non-Judgmental Christian. These are the five modules:

Module 301 – You Set Them Free

Module 302 – You are Real, not Nice

Module 303 – You are Compassionate, not Righteous

Module 304 – You are Wise, not Smart

Module 305 – You are Purposeful, not Successful