Secrets to conquering wrong behaviour and bad decisions

302- You are Real, not Nice

In this module, you learn to be real and authentic at a much deeper level than in the 200 series course. Now you are challenged to notice and own the small moments that make up 90% of your daily life. This isn’t about disclosing a deep, dark secret. This is about being honest with yourself about what you were really thinking and feeling when you said or did something.

There are six units to this course. Each is anchored in real-world examples. You will be challenged to examine situations in your own life under a microscope in order to complete this module. Your reward will be a greatly heightened awareness of the judgments you hold in your heart that separate you from loving neighbour and God.

Unit 302A:  You are Guilty, not Condemned: The Adultery & Separation story

Unit 302B:  We are Hypocrites: The Father, Son & Yogurt story

Unit 302C:  Dealing With Their Annoying Habits: The Cell Phone story

Unit 302D:  Arguing and Bickering: The Missing Clothes story

Unit 302E:  Rage: Real men and women have real feelings

Unit 3o2F:  How to Make Your Wife Your Dream Woman (or husband)