Secrets to conquering wrong behaviour and bad decisions

303- You Are Compassionate, Not Righteous

In this third module of the Compassionate Heart of Jesus course, you come face to face with how well you handle INTENSE feelings in difficult, demanding situations. This is the heart of the course – the acid test where we can no longer fake it or avoid it.  When we get over the judgments we have about other people’s intense emotions and outbursts, we discover that we can actually remove the speck from the eye of those who appear to want to hurt or harm us, including habits that we do to ourselves.

There are six units of study in this powerful module:

Unit 303A:  How to Stop Emotional Outbursts – Lucy and the Alzheimers story

Unit 303B:  Help Them Get Over It – When you have a reputation for something annoying like being late

Unit 303C:  Breaking Vicious Cycles – Finding mercy in response to the 12 judgments that hurt

Unit 303D:  Healthy Boundaries – Breaking the Rescuer-Victim cycle

Unit 303E:  Marital Breakdown – Overcoming the Driver-Passenger Power Struggle

Unit 303F:  Compassion towards Self – Breaking an addictive habit