Secrets to conquering wrong behaviour and bad decisions

About Kuypers Leadership

John coaches leaders in family business, partnerships and non-profits where firing is not a reasonable option.

John helps clients prevail over wrong behaviours and bad decisions, the common causes of interpersonal conflict and workload overload.

John has five books and a well-developed, proven framework for helping leaders, anchored in two core principles:

  1. Personal Character – this is YOU behaving differently than your past
  2. Managerial Competency –  this is YOU with powerful, new skills in strategy, structure and processes

Take a minute to review John’s coaching model. It shifts you from past difficulties to future successes by focusing YOU on your present habits and behaviours in response to wrong behaviours and bad decisions by others.



John Kuypers‘ experience is based on two pillars. The first pillar is as a senior business executive. John is a former vice-president in marketing & sales in consumer products and investment banking. He achieved notoriety by making the Mott’s Clamato Bloody Caesar famous in the 1980s. In the 1990s, he led a four year strategy and organizational change project for one of Canada’s largest banks. Since then, he has consulted and coached with dozens of clients across multiple industries. His book Who’s The Driver Anyway? contains the core foundation of his innovative approach to building high-functioning, collaborative organizations.

The second pillar of John’s work is based on his twenty year personal journey to take personal and total responsibility for his own life. Documented in four books and numerous speaking events, John’s work helps leaders see the unconscious ways in which their personal character and leadership style are blocking the very outcomes they desire. His philosophical roots are anchored in one core Christian teaching he calls The First Rule of Inner Peace.