Secrets to conquering wrong behaviour and bad decisions

Coaching testimonials


Past coaching clients of John Kuypers include Staalduinen Floral, CLAC Union, Audioscan, Royal Bank Insurance, Halton Industry-Education Council, Compass Point Church and many others. Here are some leadership coaching testimonials:

Mark Linton
Vice-President, National Accounts
Royal Bank Insurance of Canada

Dear John,

I have enjoyed working with you immensely. I want to thank you for all the assistance and guidance provided the past year. The experience was an incredible one and one that I will continue to reflect upon in both my business and personal experiences.

What can I say but you are one of a kind and I am proud to have worked with an individual of your calibre and experience.

Best regards,

Mark Linton

General Manager (Anonymous)
Mid-sized Manufacturing Corporation

Dear John,

Everyone is noticing a change – a good change – in (name withheld of senior subordinate). She is happier, more talkative, and listens much better. It is quite a change! She has a much more open mind and is receptive to seeing new ways of doing things.

We were very close to having to let her go and your coaching work has helped us retain a very valuable and skilled senior manager.

Thank you!

Anonymous General Manager of a Mid-sized Corporation

Mr. Joe Freedman
CEO, StudentAwards Inc.

Over the past year, I have been faced with many difficult situations as the CEO of an early stage online marketing company. The good news is that last year after reading John Kuypers’ inspiring book “What’s Important Now”, I began weekly executive coaching sessions with John. As a leader, I often must often deliver difficult messages to my employees or suppliers. Through my interactions with John, I have come to learn that we have three basic choices when faced with conflict. One option is to try to ignore the situation hoping it with just go away. While this may appear to be the easiest route, it usually leads to an even more difficult situation somewhere down the road as things don’t tend to fix themselves very often. The more proactive responses are to either to deeply accept the situation (i.e. let go of the rope!) or choose to deal with the situation head on and be open to the consequences.

While this may appear to be straightforward, it is really anything but. Often when I’m involved in a difficult situation, the various choices and potential outcomes may not be so clear. The power of John’s coaching approach has been to first help me to clearly understand my own motivations (what do I want to happen) and then help me to define the best course of action. We also explore the potential reactions that I may encounter from others, while at the same time being prepared to be confronted with unpredictable responses. John also stresses that achieving the desired outcome is often a case of being empathetic towards the receiver of the message. More often than not, I have learned that the level of true empathy that I bring to a difficult situation will have a major bearing on the outcome.

I believe that working with John has helped me to become a more effective leader. And perhaps the best news is that the knowledge and experience that I have gained in working with John in the workplace have helped me to become more effective in responding to conflict within family and other personal relationships as well. I can’t recommend John highly enough!

Joe Freedman
CEO, StudentAwards