Learning tools for those in pursuit of His peace…now


The  FIRST RULE Inner Peace Course
 teaches participants how to apply the First Rule of Inner Peace to repair peace-robbing relationships. John calls it “the most backwards leadership principle ever taught!” We seek peace first, before we know the outcomes of what we want. The human norm is to feel at peace only AFTER we get the results we want.

We do this by mastering the spiritual practice taught by Jesus to remove the plank from our own eye. CLICK to read TESTIMONIALS.

The First Rule Inner Peace Course will open your mind, heart and soul to the promptings of the Spirit.
When you have completed this course, you will:

  1. See clear answers to at least one troubling relationship
  2. Understand Jesus’ sensible way to recover your peace any time, anywhere
  3. Experience positive changes in other important relationships
  4. Increase the amount of time you are at peace.

The First Rule of Inner Peace is a universal Christian practice (Matthew 7:5) that is non-denominational and open to all.

There are four components to the FIRST RULE Inner Peace Course.  The goal is to get neutral so that we can discern God’s will for us. We do this by an inward journey through four stages of our inner being:

  1. Our BODY: It never lies and always communicates information about our inner state of peace or anxiety.  Learn to grasp the meaning of pains and unrest.
  2. Our MIND: Our mind is cluttered and races from one thought to another as we make sense of events happening around us. Learn two techniques to grow still so that you can discern the promptings of the Spirit.
  3. Our HEART: Our heart lies underneath the mind.  When the mind is quiet, the fears of the heart are revealed.  Experience what it means to heal your emotional pain by coming to peace with past hurts and wounds from others.
  4. Our SOUL:  Our soul is our deepest self.  It is our very existence. When we are at peace in our soul, we overcome the fear that other people can control us or diminish who we are.  Learn how giving away personal power heals life-long wounds, especially in marriages and close family relationships.

The course costs $99 and is eight hours long.  It is offered in one evg + a full day or over four  2 hour sessions.  

  1. Satisfaction assured or your money cheerfully refunded.
  2. Includes written content and personalized feedback from the IPM coach leading the course.

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