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Near and Far Stay Married:
Jesus No-Compromise Way to End Conflict

Near-and-Far-Stay-Married-cover2Relationship troubles rob us of our peace more than any other cause. We coach married individuals and couples facing troubling issues.  We help them find peace and love in place of acrimony and unhappiness. We do it by teaching either or both partners a powerful relationship-healing concept contained in John’s short e-book called Near and Far Get Married!

Couples struggle because they have opposite ways of getting what they want. Whether large issues like money, sex and lifestyle, or small issues like irritating daily criticisms, Near and Far Get Married puts troubling issues into the context of each partner’s distinctly opposite way of being attracted and then feeling threatened and unloved.

In this seminal work, leadership coach John Kuypers reveals the opposite nature of what he calls the Near-Far power struggle contained in every marriage. Mastering it is the key to having the love relationship you always dreamed of. Until a couple understands their own Near-Far dynamic, fighting is personal, unhappiness grows deep and fractured relationships become irreparable. Couples who adopt Near and Far as two words in their everyday language resolve differences respectfully and live together in loving harmony.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Attacks and Counter-attacks

Chapter2: One question every couple needs to know

Chapter 3: What is Near and Far?

Chapter 4: Planks, specks and hailstorms

Chapter 5: The predictably opposite characteristics of Near and Far

Chapter 6: Two immediate benefits

Chapter 7: The shell game of Near and Far

Chapter 8: Mastering the Near-Far power struggle

Chapter 9: The spiritual journey of our lives

Appendix About the Author