Secrets to conquering wrong behaviour and bad decisions

Personal Coaching

Overcome personal differences and strained relations with John Kuypers, leadership coach.  John believes that only one person has to change for the dynamic of an entire team or family or marriage in order to get everyone to change for the better.

One on one, we will uncover the barriers that blind your ability to discern what to do to collaboratively resolve difficult interpersonal situations. From short term logjams to long-standing estrangements, our leadership coaching helps you see new solutions and gives you the courage to take the lead, break the logjam and restore peace to everyone involved, especially yourself.

Powerful, confidential and empowering.  Book your introductory appointment today or dive in with a full one hour coaching session right away. Here is a recent client testimonial:

“When we leave your place we always feel much more at peace because you help us to refocus.” Job and Donna Schenkel

Contact us for available times.  Our personal coaching fees are $133/hr + taxes. Business-paid rates are higher. We recommend weekly coaching for the first 3 months and bi-weekly thereafter.   Clients seek to resolve personal unhappiness triggered by entrenched family-of-origin conflicts.  Contact John