Secrets to conquering wrong behaviour and bad decisions


My goal? To increase your ability to make right judgments in response to wrong behaviours and bad decisions by others. Check out these 7 services for when firing, estrangement or divorce are not options. 

  1. Business Leadership Coaching
  2. Personal Leadership Coaching 
  3. Managerial Competence Courses
  4. Right Judgement Courses
    • 100- Right Judgement
    • 200 – Aware in Mind
    • 300 – Compassionate at Heart
    • 400 – Obedient of Soul
  5. Live workshops and seminars
  6. Strategic Planning and Organizational Alignment
  7. Keynote Speaking

Coaching services are offered on an hourly basis – once a week, bi-weekly or in rare cases, monthly. Fees range from $150 to $1000 per month and vary in part depending on personal vs business focus.

Speaking services are offered on a per event basis, depending on the length, size of the audience and profit vs non-profit situation of the hiring organization. Fees range from $200 to $3500 per event.

Courses are payable (as available) per course or on a monthly plan. Coaching clients receive favourable rates. Some courses may be included. Courses are also designed for study groups.  Contact us for details.

Books are sold on our site on-line and by booksellers everywhere. Kindle e-books are the most popular platform after hard copy sales.