Secrets to conquering wrong behaviour and bad decisions


Kuypers Leadership helps clients resolve conflict in important relationships at work or at home. Each time one of our clients succeed, they experience an immediate deepening of their own peace.  This short list of clients have participated in John’s leadership course that is based on the book The First Rule of Inner Peace.

Here are quotes from course grads:

Dr. Derrick Mueller
Dr. Derrick Mueller Pastor, Beamsville First Baptist Church

“As the pastor of First Baptist Church in Beamsville, I not only saw my church benefit from this interactive workshop and cause but found I was personally equipped to take the log out of my own eye.”

Anne-Marie Perri
Anne-Marie Perri FRIP course member
“This course has revealed to me how many personal judgments I have on myself and towards life.  This course helps you to see yourself with sober eyes.” 
Lynn Flannery FRIP course member
“For anyone finding themselves bent out of shape by the behaviour of others, be sure to take John’s course and buy all his books. Your life and attitude will change for the better, forever!”
Mildred Smith FRIP course member
“This has made me realize that with this process inner peace is attainable. That it is not just something the Pastor preaches about on Sunday morning. It is real and I can have it in all areas of my life with a lot of prayer and a bit of work on my part.”
Shirley Lealess FRIP course member
“John is a great communicator. Not afraid to be vulnerable. Nothing to hide. This course is an eye-opener – truly. Highly recommended! Let’s learn to look at others through the eyes of Jesus. Thanks John!” 
Mark Banks FRIP course member
“I’d recommend this for anyone with a tough and lingering unresolved problem. These are also useful tools for those in relationships to those dealing with clients and colleagues.”
Suzanne Trudel FRIP course member
“I learned self-awareness of perception; self-awareness of having better listening skills; self-awareness of control of my boundaries. It is an excellent course to have followed.”
Lisa Soehner FRIP course member
“Well worth the time, helped me reflect on my actions and reactions to my own lived experiences, and the shortcomings that create the angst or unhappiness.”
Ed Peng FRIP course member
“…realizing that specks are a mirror that help us see our own faults. Big awakening for me.”